Momentum is a community based agency which provides support services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our trained and experienced staff provides integrated support services with pride and enthusiasm.

Our non-judgmental, active, person to person approach fosters a cooperative and flexible environment within which adults are empowered to achieve life goals.



Momentum's mission is to partner with people in self advocacy by valuing and respecting each person's talents and dreams.

Momentum supports people with intellectual/developmental disabilities to build skills and self-esteem through the achievement of personal goals. We encourage positive relationships with family, friends, co-workers and employers.

Our entire staff is committed to explore creative social, community and employment opportunities, as we believe that everyone has something to offer when given the chance.

We envision that people of all abilities are respected and valued community members in all areas of life.



We believe that everyone has something to offer when given the chance. Our vision is for people of all abilities to be an equal part of our community.

Momentum respects our clients' privacy. Please read our HIPAA Safety and Privacy Practices.

We at Momentum believe that all people can accomplish incredible things.
Working together creates personal Momentum, a positive forward motion which builds on itself.




We are a family oriented organization that cares about the health and welfare of all people associated with us.

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Our mission is to value each person as a unique individual while celebrating their talents, respecting their visions and dreams, and promoting self-esteem.

It is one of Momentum's priorities to advocate with and for individuals with intellectual disabilities in the community, and promote positive and developing relationships with their families, friends, employers and other community agencies.

Our entire staff is committed to encouraging adults in the creative pursuit of social, community and whenever possible, employment opportunities which are available to everyone.


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If you feel you have experienced retaliation from any one at Momentum by reporting fraud, waste and abuse, please contact Momentum's Human Resource Manager at (207) 627-2267 ext. 31.

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